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Your website is your biggest advertisement for your business, multi-paged advertising every day worldwide for the life of your business...

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We provide a range of features to get your website up and running.



ACTIVE VIEWERS - Show how many visitors are currently accessing your website.

BLOG - Add a blog to your website and create:

FORUM - Add a discussion forum to your website and create:

HIT COUNTER - Keep account of how many people have visited your website.

NEWS - Keep your visitors updated with your latest news.

POLLS - Encourage your visitors to leave comments about your website / products / services etc.

ONLINE BOOKINGS SERVICE - Incorporate a booking form for your visitors / customers with payment options.

SHOUT BOX - Add a simple chat room for your visitors to meet.

USER LIST - Allow your visitors / customers to sign up to newsletters / articles / meetings etc.

ANALYTICS - Collect statistical information from your website visits.

DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION - If you haven't already registered your Domain name we will do this for you or, if you haven't yet decided on a name we can help you to choose one.

HOSTING FOR YOUR WEBSITE - We can offer you a hosting package starting from £10 per month for your web space or, a  'CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM' enabling you to maintain and manage your own site from £45 per month depending on the size of your website.

TRANSFER YOUR WEBSITE TO US FOR FREE - It's very easy - just email your details and website address to us at the following LINK.

MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE FOR YOUR WEB SITE (if requested) - We will maintain your site for you. For maximum on-line impact your website should always be kept up-to-date. Small businesses and organisations need to reflect an ever changing environment and remain competitive. This can be done with the help of web technology and the expertise of our team. We will carry out any updates and/or edits you have as and when required. Our maintenance service enables you to have daily access to our team to effect any changes you have. Minimal edits and updates will incur no costs at all.

RE-DESIGN / RE-DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR CURRENT WEBSITE - We will re-design and / or re-develop your current website giving your business a fresh new look and feel.

For more information please contact us via our email address or telephone us on:  0114 236 0443 or 0742 969 88 66.

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